Raua 65
A stone house from the “good old republic times”

High ceilings, spacious 2-5 room town apartments – this is what is on offer at Raua 65, a functionalist-style town house from 1934. This is a house for people who appreciate style and quality.

The dignified town house will receive a complete make-over, in which historical elements will be combined with modern solutions. As many original details as possible will be preserved. The infrastructure, including the heating, water and electricity systems of the house will be completely re-done.

It is difficult to imagine a better location for a town house. Everything is a short walk away – the Kadrioru park is 5 minutes, School No 21 and Tallinn University 3 minutes from the house. It is convenient to get to the workplace, the theatre or the Pirita beach promenade. The neighbour of Raua 65 is a historical pearl – a wooden villa designed by Konstantin Wilcken in 1900, which is also being reconstructed by Larsen.

Get in touch! You can still have a say in the apartment layouts and in all interior design choices.

The apartments will be ready in summer 2018.


Prices are for a turnkey solution, which includes interior finishing. Scroll right to see all the apartments
No Rooms Price Plan Floor Apartment Balcony
1 3 244 000 Laadi alla II 75,9m² 6,1
2 2 130 000 Laadi alla II 42,1m²
3 2 134 000 Laadi alla II 40,8m²
4 3 Sold III 75,8m² 6,1
5 2 132 000 Laadi alla III 42,1m²
6 2 138 000 Laadi alla III 40,9m²
7 3 Sold IV 80,3m² 6,1
8 2 Sold IV 39,7m²
9 2 Sold IV 35,6m²
10 4 398 000 Laadi alla V 122,0m² 13,6
Business 112 000 + km Laadi alla I 46,8m²
Parking space in the backyard 14 000 €
Storage Included


Raua 65 is situated at the meeting point of Kadriorg and Centre town, combining the best of both worlds.
The historical Raua street was the heart of the town already during the old republic,
Kadriorg and its lush greenery need no introduction.
The closest kindergarten is a 3-minute walk away, the school and university a 5-minute walk away.
The neighbour is Raua 63, which is a stylish town manour that also has apartments available.

Your style

A historical building calls for a stylish interior. Do you prefer traditional herrinbone or a 1-strip parquet? A bathroom that is true to the era or that is modern? We do not believe in forcing people into pre-packaged styles, which is why you can design your home yourself from start to finish, from the parquet and tiles to the wall colour and bathroom fittings.

Our interactive interior design tool will help you to personalise your home quickly and conveniently. There is a rich array of options available for you to make the home truly your own. However, if you would like to make bigger changes, we will do our best to accommodate special requests also.


Construction information

Raua 65 is a stone house which has proven its quality and value already for a century. It is a privilege for us to be able to give this building a new life. We will pay attention to every detail, and conserve or display all as much of the old as possible. So that the result would be worthy of this stylish town house.

The building is developed by Larsen Kinnisvara.

Sale conditions

The apartment acquisition process has 3 steps:

1.     Reservation agreement
A contract is signed and a non-refundable reservation fee is paid
(1 000 – 2 000 euros, depending on the size of the apartment)

2. First notarised contract
This notarised contract is signed within 30 days of signing the reservation agreement.
At the same time, the buyer pays 15% of the total purchase price
(counting also the reservation fee)

3. Second notarised contract
This notarised contract is usually signed immediately before the hand-over of the apartment to the buyer.
The rest of the acquisition price is paid by the buyer.

Download the sale conditions (in Estonian)

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